Prints In Progress

Another batch of 4×6’s printed. Pairing them is more difficult than I had thought, but I’m pleased with the results thus far. I’ll probably whip out another dozen, and then quit. I’ve decided I’ll be mounting the pairs in 8×10 window mattes, and single images will be mounted on foam core.

These are just a few of the growing collection. I’ll post all images on my Flickr page soon.

all photos: Raymond Ruiz

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Excerpts and Retro Casualties (6 images)

Samples of a growing 4×6 collection of mostly cell phone photos, but includes random collages and varying photo formats.

Some photos will be paired with others, inspired by John Baldessari, as well as be presented in various forms, including foam core and window mattes.

all photos by Raymond Ruiz

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Common Places and a Box

Suite Love Express Promo Heart

(above) A self-proclaimed success using a hand made light box. Actually it’s a Safeway bag fitted with windows for light and  various materials for backdrops. The reflection is from a piece of red vinyl. Digital.

Western Addition

(above) Spring cleaning for somebody. Although a common site in SF, I like how this image is almost all squares and rectangles.       35mm color film.

Alamo Square

(above) My first shot with a DSLR.


(above) Headin’ North. 35mm color film.

Western Addition

(above) A lot of times I return to a spot, with a 35mm film camera, that I’ve already taken shots with on my phone, hoping the subject is still around. This is one of those locations. Doesn’t look like it’s goin’ anywhere soon. 35mm color film.


(above) Fog drifts in over USF. I like this spot, I pass here all the time and I always tak a picture, day or night. 35mm color film.

Saint Dominic's/Western Addition

This is a composite of Napa skyes and St. Dom’s on Steiner. 35mm color film.

Haight Street

(above) 50mm prime lens rule! 35mm color film.

Aleister's B-Day

(above) I had just finished building my lighbox as I got the word Tuula gave birth to her and Roman’s son Aleister. This was a quick set-up to send via cellphone. Digital.

Tripodal Sci-Fi

(above) Green tripod on red vinly in lightbox, inverted.  Digital.

all photos: Raymond Ruiz

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Local Street Scapes

Fillmore District

Noe Valley

Alamo Square


Duboce Park

Alamo Square

Noe Valley

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Anybody Know Who This Bass Player Is?

This is a photo of a photo displayed above Yoshi’s in San Francisco. The subject is young, maybe a teenager, dressed in some fancy garb. By the look on his face he ain’t f*ckin’ around. I’ll eventually go inside the club and ask somebody, but it would be more rewarding to figure this out through friends. – Ray

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Excerpts From LIFE Magazine 1970

Looking through a magazine for possible collage images, I came across some cool articles from when I was 2 years old. The whole magazine is a treat to flip through, not to mention very thought provoking. The following are excerpts form LIFE Sept. 18th 1970 (feat. E. Humperdink & T. Jones on the cover).

The Capital Community Citizens (residents of Madison Wis.) decided to set up some anti-awards for people, and businesses that defoliate and blacktop the land. They also rewarded the righteous such as tree planters and landmark savers. The deserving get an orchid, the damned an onion. This young lady was awarded an orchid.

The caption reads: In the bold spirit of Madison, LIFE awards one orchid–to be tucked away among all those roses–to dark-haired, strong-fisted Kathy Huppe, 18, who was elected this years Miss Montana, and shortly thereafter found herself barred from Atlantic City. Kathy balked when contest backers asked her not to take part in any political demonstrations. They found her opposition to the war in Vietnam to be contrary to everything that the Miss America contest stands for. Which of course it is.

Delemma of the Balck Cop–An article on black policeman trapped between the department and their community. Stories of alienation, identity, death threats to loved ones, and suspensions (on a daily basis), all for trying to close the gap between the black community and the police department.

Renault Robinson stands beneath the emblem of the Afro-American Patrolmans League of Chicago

And of course the advertisements are pricless.

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Normally I don’t blog photographs I’ve taken on my cell phone. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I’m self-conscious about how people will judge “the art” not knowing that the lo-fidelity is a huge part of the art. I do know that all my FoneArt photos are representations of my own personal experience. My boring existence is revealed, not that anybody would consider me wild and crazy, and the absence of human interaction is clearly visible. I’ve never gone out “shooting photos” or planned a walk or trip specifically for capturing images on my phone. While friends and acquaintances have a knack for capturing, each other dancing on bars (god, I miss getting drunk), making out with dogs and statues, soft core porn, and sporadic bouts of debauchery, I’ve found solace in trees and mother f*ckin’ doorways,…damn.

Now, you can tag the term “spirituality” to these images in the way Zen monks relate to Bokuseki (ink traces): traces left in ink that somehow capture the spirit. Whatever. I’ve always, felt as did Garry Winogrand when quoted as saying ” I photograph to find out what something will look like photographed.” So here are some recent images, that for some odd reason, I felt compelled to share and that I felt looked good through the eyes of a Motorola Razor.

– Raymond Ruiz

all photos: Raymond Ruiz

a link to a public Fone Art Flickr Group worth viewing/or joining:

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