High Sierra Music Festival – snap shots on the fly

Safety and Courtesy Crew 2011 HSMF

I recently had the pleasure of working at the High Sierra Music Festival in Quincy, CA. Although we worked 14+ hour days, I still managed to snap a few photos on a 35mm point-n-shoot. Here are the results.

(click on photo to view a larger version)

Side gate entry for the Grandstand stage.

Ivan Neville's Dumpstaphunk. These folks don't f*ck around with the NOLA style funk. Tight, thick 'n' nasty.

SKERIK, at large. Jumping in with bands from afternoon til dawn. Here he is jamin' with Ivan Neville.

Daily dinner time procession.

Backstage breakfast.

DRIBBLES and friend. At one point Dribbles was stolen and paraded through the fairgrounds in a harness and a tutu.

Los Amigos Invisibles on the Grandstand stage.

Diego's Umbrella played numerous times throughout the festival. Here they are playing on top of their RV. (I'm very proud to say these are friends of mine!)

Holy Sh*t, Maceo is a bad mother f*cker!

Maceo Parker on the Grandstand stage.

"Maceo's the living, breathing pulse which connects the history of funk in one golden thread."

all photos: Raymond Ruiz

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Musician Photographer Cashier
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