Photographs of the KUSF Rally @ Presentation Theater

On Tuesday January 18th, 2011, KUSF 90.3 FM was shut down with no warning to employees, volunteers or the community. Within 24 hours a rally was assembled to question USF President Stephen A. Privett, and a $3.75 million “non-disclosure” deal with Entercom Communications. The following is a documentaion of that rally. (click photos for Hi-Res version.)

Format: digital, black & white

POV: participant

Intent: to help sustain KUSF by documenting the support it has from the community.

A man points toward an empty balcony, so more people can be let in.

A questionnaire being passed to an usher.

Father P. takes a stance.

Applause as Privett is corrected in his statistics.

UNFAIR, t-shirts printed and donated in time for the rally.

The future of the KUSF archives is still in question.

Privett danced around questions on why other options, such as a city or community buy out, were not sought after.

A DJ, who also works at a bakery modeled by Jesuit ideas, questions the Fathers decision to not include the community.

The decision to sell KUSF was based on the Universities obligation to its students. Privett kept referring back to the schools mission statement. I believe this woman is reading the mission statement and touching on points of contradiction between the sale and the schools core values.

The fight is still going up until the FCC makes a final decision. KUSF encourages folks to write formal and articulate letters demanding the removal of Father Privett and stopping the sale of KUSF to:

As of this time, there will be a rally onTuesday 1/25/11 @ SF City Hall
1pm Rally; 2pm Board of Supervisors meeting.

all photos: Raymond Ruiz

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1 Response to Photographs of the KUSF Rally @ Presentation Theater

  1. Wow, first let me say good luck. You guys organized pretty fast, impressive. Nice pictures to really drive home what is going on. -Kim

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