Common Places and a Box

Suite Love Express Promo Heart

(above) A self-proclaimed success using a hand made light box. Actually it’s a Safeway bag fitted with windows for light and  various materials for backdrops. The reflection is from a piece of red vinyl. Digital.

Western Addition

(above) Spring cleaning for somebody. Although a common site in SF, I like how this image is almost all squares and rectangles.       35mm color film.

Alamo Square

(above) My first shot with a DSLR.


(above) Headin’ North. 35mm color film.

Western Addition

(above) A lot of times I return to a spot, with a 35mm film camera, that I’ve already taken shots with on my phone, hoping the subject is still around. This is one of those locations. Doesn’t look like it’s goin’ anywhere soon. 35mm color film.


(above) Fog drifts in over USF. I like this spot, I pass here all the time and I always tak a picture, day or night. 35mm color film.

Saint Dominic's/Western Addition

This is a composite of Napa skyes and St. Dom’s on Steiner. 35mm color film.

Haight Street

(above) 50mm prime lens rule! 35mm color film.

Aleister's B-Day

(above) I had just finished building my lighbox as I got the word Tuula gave birth to her and Roman’s son Aleister. This was a quick set-up to send via cellphone. Digital.

Tripodal Sci-Fi

(above) Green tripod on red vinly in lightbox, inverted.  Digital.

all photos: Raymond Ruiz

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Musician Photographer Cashier
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2 Responses to Common Places and a Box

  1. Tracy Z says:

    wow lots of great photos in this post. good work!

    thx for sharing~

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