Normally I don’t blog photographs I’ve taken on my cell phone. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I’m self-conscious about how people will judge “the art” not knowing that the lo-fidelity is a huge part of the art. I do know that all my FoneArt photos are representations of my own personal experience. My boring existence is revealed, not that anybody would consider me wild and crazy, and the absence of human interaction is clearly visible. I’ve never gone out “shooting photos” or planned a walk or trip specifically for capturing images on my phone. While friends and acquaintances have a knack for capturing, each other dancing on bars (god, I miss getting drunk), making out with dogs and statues, soft core porn, and sporadic bouts of debauchery, I’ve found solace in trees and mother f*ckin’ doorways,…damn.

Now, you can tag the term “spirituality” to these images in the way Zen monks relate to Bokuseki (ink traces): traces left in ink that somehow capture the spirit. Whatever. I’ve always, felt as did Garry Winogrand when quoted as saying ” I photograph to find out what something will look like photographed.” So here are some recent images, that for some odd reason, I felt compelled to share and that I felt looked good through the eyes of a Motorola Razor.

– Raymond Ruiz

all photos: Raymond Ruiz

a link to a public Fone Art Flickr Group worth viewing/or joining:

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