Cougars Cantina

A couple weeks ago, Tardon Feathered and Mr. Toads Studio in San Francisco had a party/video shoot for Jesse Morris and the Man Cougars. Using a 35mm film camera and a borrowed digital point-n-shoot (thnx Louisa), I took advantage of the ambient lighting and my close relationship with the band to captured the following images.

Jesse Morris; vocals/guitar

Joe Dean: guitar

Barry Spry: bass guitar

Thomas Rockwell: drums


The Man Cougars

J & B

Joe Dean

Study in Joe Motion

Tom Rockwell

Tom Rockwell: Drums

The Ballads

Joe Dean

Tom Rockwell

Jesse Doin' Bizzness

Bass guitar: Barry Spry

Man Cougars in the Wild

Cougz in Harmony

Who Dat?

Tres Cougars

Ticklin' the Ivories

Jesse Morris: vox

The Man Cougars

all photos: Raymond Ruiz


About RuizSF

Musician Photographer Cashier
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One Response to Cougars Cantina

  1. Tom Rockwell says:

    Wow! Very Good! You got mad skills!

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