Emulsional Rescue

I’m passing time this winter looking over old prints and negatives. Having no access to a darkroom, I’m scanning the negatives with a flatbed scanner, revealing grime and textures that would otherwise go unnoticed. Photoshop is being used to dodge & burn, invert and resize, and I’ve taken the liberty to clean up or add grain to specific prints or sections of photos. Cheap thrills on a budget to match, I’ve managed to cure my “photo-jones” and create some cool looking prints as well.-R. Ruiz

Storm a Comin'

Storm a Comin’, 11×14-In this image, having just cleaned the glass plate, the scanner exposes scrub marks and residue, creating striations while adding motion to the already existing feeling of movement…or so it seems. (neg. scan)

Man Ray-Ray's

Man Ray-Rays, 8×10-A dismantled 3D model set under light and on top of photo-paper.

TVD Model

TVD Model, 8×10-Design by classmate. Stealing…excuse me…Appropriating ideas from fellow students in a design studio.

Palm Leaves

Palm Leaves-A lot of times I look back and wonder why I released the shutter, I believe something must have spoken to me. Sometimes it’s just the coffee or lack of sleep. In this case it was the thought of “…well it looks very photographer-ish…like P. Strand or Eddy Weston. (Negative scan, no prints as of yet.)

Killed by Death

Killed by Death – The gate and window sill seem to match the teeth-n-tusk of the Motorhead flag, and a natural border is produced by the edges of the negative.(Neg. scan, no prints as of yet.)

Little Lady

Little Lady – As time goes by I’ll have a huge body of work relating to bus rides. The window acts like a dirty lens creating scrathces and a softer focus. (Neg. scan, no prints as of yet.)


Alien Dentist Head

XLR’s and Alien Dentist Head– A couple more negative scans printed on 11×14 digital photo paper.

This has been fun to experiment with, and I’ve learned a few things about scanning photos and negatives. But, nothing beats making prints in the darkroom, and I can’t wait to get back. Or maybe get a cheap negative scanner. Is that what I’m looking for(?)…we’ll see.

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