Photographers Flea Market

Photographers Flea MarketLens

Saturday July 25th 2009

50 Scott St. (@ Duboce Park)


On Saturday, July 25th, the newly refurbished SF Photo Center will be having a yard sale. It sounds like it’s going to be a photographers dream come true, for beginners and professionals. Rummage through boxes and check out loads of old school photo gear, all priced to go! There are sure to be some gems and vintage items long forgotten.

Everybody is welcomed!  Artist, neighbors, and of course photo geeks are encouraged to come check this out, as well as take a look at the new building. Located inside the Harvey Milk Recreational Arts Center which has provided over 50 years of service to the San Francisco community, and still going strong! More information coming soon and/or a list of items up for sale. For those interested in joining the darkroom, this is a great opportunity to meet Clarence and Mike, as well as get some info, or pass along some feedback.

            I won’t be there ’til noonish, so somebody please save me a light meter!

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